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GLF Schools

GLF Schools was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of Glyn School (an academy in 2011) and Danetree Junior School. Together, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern England.

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We are justifiably proud of our school, but don't take our word for it...

Parent Testimonials

"We have recently moved to Longford Park and our daughter has joined Longford Park School having previously attended primary school in Witney. We have been nothing but impressed with the care, thought and attention and teaching that has been given to our daughter throughout her time at the school. She has had some health issues and has required additional support for a period of time. All staff at the school not just the teachers, have been exemplary, in every single aspect in the care given to our child and all should be commended for the patience, support and professionalism our child has been fortunate enough to experience. I cannot recommend Longford Park School and the entire team enough to any prospective parent. A quite brilliant school." Y3 Parent (September 2020)

"The new story sessions are great as live and interactive, as are the school assemblies. Thank you for these."  Y2 Parent (January 2021)

"The standard of home learning resources on offer seems exceptionally high, and it is clear how much effort the teachers have gone to in providing this." Reception Parent (January 2021)

"I would like to pass on my thanks for all the hard work that has gone into the home learning provision. My child is engaged and keen to get on with his home learning tasks each morning which I know is down to the format of the learning with teacher led presentations. He is able to mostly independently get on with his tasks for the day and take ownership of his learning. He is feeling challenged by his work which keeps him motivated but is not being overwhelmed which allows for some emotional breathing room for us all. The live story time in the afternoon is a great opportunity for him to engage though he just wants to observe at the moment! "  Year 1 Parent (January 2021)

"Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today.  I really appreciate the staff being so kind and caring.  My daughters teacher knows her so well and the support she receives is outstanding.  She is more confident and making real progress"  

Y3 Parent (March 2021)



"I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say "Thank You" to everyone at Longford Park for making my daughter feel so welcome since she started with you. Every single member of staff is always so polite and full of love for the job that they do. 

There is such a welcoming atmosphere and genuine care as I walk to drop my daughter off or when I get to pick her up. There are so many things that have an impact on the children in your care - even the older children shaking hands on their way in the classroom, with such a personal welcome, sensory circuits in the hall, and some absolutely beautiful welcomes for some little ones by enthusiastic members of staff.

At her previous school, my daughter spent most of her time hiding under tables, or storming off up a corridor. She would refuse RWI, never go to assembly and would go on strike when it came to PE. When she first came to visit you, and we explained some of the things she finds tricky, she was immediately given choices and solutions on how you could make things a little easier for her.  Since being with you, her behaviour has changed so much and she seems genuinely happy when she comes home from school.  Her progress in phonics has amazed me and you have shared so much of her learning already. My daughter walks in each morning and I feel a little lost because she is ready to go and doesn't need me!  She tells me that she finds the school calm and she is extremely fond of the grown-ups in her class!

As a Mum that was terrified of changing her school in case it didn't work out- I couldn't be happier with the choice that I made....because most importantly, she is happy."

Y2 Parent, June 2024


Staff Testimonials

"I joined Longford Park Primary School in January 2020, and I've never looked back. I spent nearly 11 years in my previous setting, but after one or two weeks at Longford Park, I felt like part of the family. The whole school community metaphorically greeted me with open arms. I could not have had a happier start. A class of 30 energetic, incredibly kind children, each with delightful, understanding parents. Every single member of staff had the most wonderfully welcoming smile, and all were eager to help me settle in. I soon discovered how helpful every member of staff was, whether it was the Head of School or one of the Learning Assistants, enabling me to quickly adjust to my new surroundings. Everyone just seemed to have an extensive wealth of knowledge about the school, the children and the community in general. It was quickly evident that everyone involved with Longford Park Primary School was pulling in the same direction, all for the children. Joining this school was the best decision I could've made. In Longford Park Primary School I've found a place of work that I feel happy to call my second home, with an incredibly caring, positive, supportive family and I could not be more thankful." Teacher (January 2020)

I have recently joined Longford Park Primary School at a Newly Qualified Teacher. I have found that Longford Park Primary School is a bright, busy and welcoming school. My colleagues here are extremely helpful, nothing it too much trouble. Longford Park Primary School is like a second family, both children and staff are always there to greet you with a warm and happy smile. Every member of staff provides children with a positive and rewarding atmosphere, this is definitely a place where children can flourish." Teacher (January 2021)

"Working with colleagues across the Oxford Hub is by far one of the best things about working in this cluster. The professional collaboration across the schools is incredible. CPD provision is incredible – an excellent mix of sessions." EYFS Teacher (April 2021)

"I feel very confident to deal with unexpected behaviour in my class because SLT presence and support is strong. SLT are calming, reassuring and knowledgeable and offer good advice and support. School ask how you are when they see you in the corridor – it means a lot." Class Teacher (April 2021)


"I love our collaborative approach. Having teachers spread out the presenting of STEAM lesson across the hub has been good for reducing workload.  I think that sharing best practise across our cluster was a great call." Class Teacher (March 2021)

"I started when the school first opened in September 2017. Having been in Education (including HE, FE and Secondary) for the past 20 years I was delighted to join such a genuinely caring Trust and School. The staff go above and beyond for the children, ensuring that their learning experience is first class. Senior Leaders are tireless in their pursuit of excellence and rightly pride themselves on delivering an innovative curriculum that is second to none. The children at Longford Park are so fortunate to have access to such a caring and forward thinking School" (Support Staff, May 2021)

Volunteer Testimonials

"I have been very lucky to work as a volunteer at Longford Park Primary School. I am a grandma in my sixties and went in to help with craft and art-work. I have been visiting a year 2 class and I introduced many to sewing and weaving. I have also heard some of the class read and supported other curriculum work. The children are bright and confident. They are very polite and engage with the tasks well." School volunteer (March 2021)  

Visitor Testimonials

"I absolutely loved watching your school video - it sums up so much of what I saw during my visit. I love how articulate your students are about their futures and how the curriculum supports this. It is so clear how well embedded the links are between the learning taking place and the opportunities this provides in the future." External Review Visitor