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Brunel (Year 3)

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Class teacher: Mr McLeod

Learning Assistants: Mr Champion, Ms Santo and Mrs O'Brian


This term our STEAM focus is Technology and we will be answering the question:

Can I design and build a structure using my knowledge and understanding of historical periods?


This term, our STEAM focus is technology and history and we will be answering the question ‘Can I design and build a structure using my knowledge and understanding of historical periods?’. After exploring the prehistorical periods of The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age, we will be designing and building a Wattle and Daub structure in the style of homes from the Neolithic period.  We will also be learning about the different types of rocks and fossils.



We are continuing our learning about place value. This is now including all 3-digit numbers and the children will be learning about how we can represent these, as well as giving them a position on numberlines. We will then be practising our use of number lines to predict the position of these numbers on unmarked number lines.  



This term we are beginning to learn about narratives. We will be learning to write expanded noun phrases and assessing how our deliberate word choices affect the atmosphere of our writing. From this, we will be able to evaluate the mood our writing has upon the reader.  



In reading the children will be looking at a variety of different stories and exploring what vocabulary is being used. We will be using our prediction skills to see what might happen next in the story and retrieve information from each text.  We will also be exploring the layout of texts, interpreting why the author has made certain choices.  



This term we are continuing to attend swimming sessions.  

We will also be learning orienteering skills, focusing on teamwork, communication and problem solving.


RE and HRE  

Our focus for RE this is freedom. The Year 3 focus is: ‘in what ways are we free?’. We will also be considering the way other people are not free.  

In our Health and Relationships Education lessons we will be continuing with the Autumn Terms focus of health and wellbeing. Our focus will be considering our own personalities and thinking about what makes each of us unique. 


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