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Brunel (Year 3)

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Class teacher: Mr McLeod

Learning Assistants: Mr Champion and Ms Santo


This term our STEAM focus is Maths and we will be answering the question:

‘Can I create, carry out an experiment and present my data in a variety of different ways?’

This term the children will be looking at creating a magnet car.  To do this, we will be exploring forces and magnetism.  Within that we will learn about the history of magnetism.  As there is a Maths focus for this term, we look be looking at how to gather, present and interpret data.  We will be gathering data from the magnet cars and observing how they travel over different surfaces.  From here, the children will choose how to present that data in different ways, for example using pictograms and bar charts.


This term we have started by looking through the place value of 3-digit numbers.  We will explore partitioning, counting, addition and subtracting for crossing the 100 boundary.  We have also been learning the 2 times tables.


The children this term will be looking at a variety of writing styles.  they have started by exploring how to write a letter of complaint using formal language.  They will move on to poetry, specifically poetry about emotions.  We will explore the use of similes to do this.


In reading the children will be looking at a variety of different stories and exploring what vocabulary is being used. We will be using our prediction skills to see what might happen next in the story and retrieve information from each text.  We will also be exploring the layout of texts, interpreting why the author has made certain choices.  


This term we are learning swimming and football  

In football we are focusing on control.  Control over dribbling skills and control of passing skills.


In RE the children are looking at destiny and what this means. In our RE lessons the children will be exploring Sikhism and Judaism and what they believe. 


This term in HRE the children will be looking at what being healthy means and why it is important to stay healthy as well as who helps us to stay healthy. There will be discussions on how to stay safe in the sun, protecting our skin, balanced diets and how to protect our teeth. 

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