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Johnson Class (Year 1)

2 1188 eJohnson Class (Year 1)

Class teacher: Miss Kingston 

Learning Assistants: Ms Mellowship


This term our STEAM focus is Maths and we will be answering the question:

‘Can I create, carry out an experiment and present my data in a variety of different ways?’

This term the children will be looking at creating a curtain to keep out the light and recording our data in a variety of ways. They'll begin with looking at different materials and understanding where they come from and what they can be used for. As a class, they will use a data logger to find out which coloured fabric would be best for keeping out the light and record this information on a block graph. They will then use this information to help them design an effective curtain. They will explore different ways of printing to create a pattern and their STEAM showcase will be them creating a curtain using tie dye and fruit printing to create the style that they want.



This term we have begun with a transitional unit from EYFS to ease the children into Year 1. They will be looking at subitising numbers and partitioning numbers equally as well as looking at how many parts make up a whole object. The children will also be comparing different amounts of objects and ordering these numbers.  


The children this term will be looking at a variety of different stories and identifying the nouns within them. Following on from this, Year 1 will appy their knowledge when writing a simple sentence to include a noun and a verb. As a class, they will also look at how they can expand on this by including an adjective in their writing.  


In reading the children will be looking at a variety of different stories and exploring what vocabulary is being used. We will be using our prediction skills to see what might happen next in the story and retrieve information from a picture.  


This term we have been looking at gymnastics and playground games.  

In gymnastics the children have been exploring a variety of different rolls and ways they can move and travel around a space.  

In the playground games the children have been looking at lots of different games to help develop their spatial awareness and be able to use these games during their break and lunch times.  


In RE the children are looking at destiny and what this means. In our RE lessons the children will  be exploring Christianity and Islam and what they believe. 


This term in HRE the children will be looking at what being healthy means and why it is important to stay healthy as well as who helps us to stay healthy. There will be discussions on how to stay safe in the sun and protecting our skin. In Year 1 we will also be looking at the different emotions the children may feel linking to the zones of regulations and how they are able to manage these.  

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