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Media consent

At Longford Park Primary School we take the issue of child safety very seriously and this includes the use of images of pupils in photos or digital videos.


Our pupils will learn to take photos and digital videos at school. Our adults will use photos and digital videos to record children's work and celebrate their achievements.

We would like to include photos and video clips of pupils and their work on our school website. We will never include the full name of children alongside the images to protect their identity. All digital photo and video work is underpinned by our e-Safety Policy.


The images may also be used in other media such as local newspapers as part of the promotional activities of the school. Parental consent will be obtained if children's names are to be printed.


You will be asked for consent to photographs and digital images of your child appearing on the Longford Park Primary School website, social media accounts and printed publications or promotional activities such as fliers or our prospectus, when you complete the online admissions form. 


In addition, during your child's time at this school there may be opportunities for them to take part in community events including sports and performing arts. It is recognised that you may wish to take photographs of your child during such an event. However, the school needs to be as certain as possible that all photography and video recording is for personal use and that no parent objects to this practice. We therefore ask that parents do not upload photos or video of children taken from our school events onto any social media platform.


By following some simple guidelines, we believe that we can proceed safely and with due regard to the law:


  • Remember that parents and carers attend school events at the invitation of the Headteacher and School Strategy Board.
  • The Headteacher and School Strategy Board have the responsibility to decide if photography and videoing of school performances is permitted.
  • The Headteacher and School Strategy Board have the responsibility to decide the conditions that will apply in order that the children are kept safe, that the performance is not disrupted and the children and staff are not distracted.
  • Parents and carers can use photographs and videos taken at a school event for personal use only.
  • Parents and carers must not photograph or video children getting ready for performances or events.
  • If you are accompanied or represented by people that school staff do not recognise they will need to verify who they are if they are using a camera or video recorder.
  • Recording or photographing for anything other than personal use would require the consent of all parents whose children may be included in the images.


For Safeguarding reasons, the only phones or media devices permitted to be used inside the Longford Park School gates are those owned by the school and clearly identified to the students.