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Inclusion (SEND)



Inclusion is at the heart of our school, we celebrate that all children are different and are indeed unique.  As the school continues to grow we endeavour to always provide a positive and nurturing environment whereby our children feel able to build upon their strengths and their areas for development. 


The Executive Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Lead and the Executive Headteacher have completed the NASENCO accreditation. 


Executive Assistant Headteacher & Inclusion Leader: Mrs Becky Jones. Contact through the school office- 01295 641 751. Email via, marked 'FAO Becky Jones, Inclusion Lead'. 


We aim to ensure that each child is fully included in all aspects of school life and make reasonable adjustments to meet their needs. These may encompass: 


●      Children with Special Educational Needs. (Please see our SEND Policy and Information Report. Click here  for the Local Offer within Oxfordshire) 

●      Children with Medical Needs (Please see our Medical Needs Policy and First Aid Procedures) 

●      Children with English as an Additional Language (Please see our EAL Policy) 

●      Children with ethnic and multi-cultural needs. 

●      Children requiring pastoral support. We are developing as a Thrive school.  Our Inclusion Lead is a Licensed Thrive Practitioner and we have another member of staff in training.  For more information please see:


We aim: 

●t o  ensure that the language and learning needs of individual pupils are clearly identified and provided for. 

●  to enable pupils to gain full access to the school and National curriculum by using a pedagogical approach rooted in Cognitive Load Theory, and develop universal, targeted and specialist strategies to overcome any obstacles that might prevent pupils from achieving their full potential. 


We achieve this by: 

●      assessing each child’s needs to plan and set targets for the individual. 

●      depending on the individual needs of pupils, providing curriculum support in class and additional support in small groups as appropriate for language development and enrichment. 


In class support includes: 

●      A language rich environment 

●      visual and ICT support 

●      displays and resources in the classroom and around the school to celebrate difference and promote a growth mindset 

●      our teachers keep parents regularly informed about pupil’s progress. Parents are invited to share in achievements through Dojo points, certificates and rewards during assembly, school reports, parents evenings, newsletters and letters home. 


For further information please refer to the following policies: 

SEND Policy 

Accessibility Plan 

Equality Statement 

EAL Policy 

Pupil Premium Statement  

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