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Curriculum Overview

Steam Curriculum 

In 2018 we embarked on a hugely ambitious and exciting new STEAM Curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and have continued to develop and embed the curriculum this year. We are one of a few primary schools in country offering such a dedicated and bespoke curriculum approach, ensuring that children are inspired and equipped to join a world being transformed by technology.  The learning in our school has also been revolutionised by this new curriculum; the children work collaboratively each term towards creating a showcase project, these are then celebrated in an assembly open to all the parents and local community.  The response to these has been wonderful and parents have reported it is one their favourite highlights. In the past we have done things such as create an enormous indoor planetarium, complete with planets scaled to size.  We have also created a working model of a light house featuring a complex pully system. The children have also produced some wonderful shields celebrating the local area’s connection with the Romans and Saxons. 


We believe our curriculum is equipping and exposing children to a very modern way of working; inspiring a future generation to peruse careers in high technology settings, of which Banbury is abundant.  During one visit to a local high-technology company the class were invited to write messages on a design wall - one year 6 boy at William Morris, our Sister School, wrote, ‘Please hire me, you have inspired me to work here in the future.’  A Year 3 pupil at our school said she wanted to become an aeronautical engineer after an inspiring trip to Brize Norton RAF Base. Those aspirations are what we want to further engender and cultivate in the children in our school. 


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