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The Longford  Park development comprises 1,070 new houses with a range of facilities and services. The site is located to the south east of Banbury on the Oxford Road (A4260), with the Oxford Canal running along part of the site’s eastern boundary. In 2009 Cherwell District Council approved outline planning permission (Ref 05/01337/OUT) for the site, which is now referred to as Longford Park. 

Oxfordshire County Council are responsible for building the new Longford Park Primary School and GLF Schools are currently working in collaboration with them regarding the exact building design and layout.

The primary school site is 2.2ha. The new building is designed in accordance with the county council’s approved space standards including provision of extended school facilities for community use outside school hours. The school is located in the new Longford Park development on Canal Lane.

Photos of the new school under construction are available here.

Location of the Longford Park Development

Longford Park Development Location

General Site Location

Longford Site Location

School Building and Site

Site Plan Longford


Front Elevation of Longford Park Primary School

Front Elevation