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Longford Park's first published author!

A vivid imagination, the love of storytelling and a passion for bunnies has seen a pupil at Longford Park Primary School in Banbury celebrate the publication of her first book.

While most children are enjoying reading tales of adventure from their favourite authors, seven-year-old Scarlett Nicole Golianu has written her own story, The Pink Rabbit, which is for sale both as an ebook and a paperback on the popular website Amazon.

She is also donating all the proceeds from the sale to charities looking after wildlife ravaged by the recent bushfires in Australia.

And it includes a special note from renowned Australian children’s author Elena Paige, who has written a raft of books including I Love Being Free, The Magicians and Evie Everyday Witch.

“A wonderful girl named Scarlett sent me her story today. And it was perfect. Just the way it was. Because she had the courage to write it. Because she had the courage to share it.

“Everything that comes from the imagination, from loving intent, from the realm of creativity is worth it,” she said.

Scarlett’s story tells the story of a brave rabbit who dreamt of a ‘pink world’ where everyone is happy and was inspired both by her love of rabbits and of reading and writing. She is already working on a second book to follow-up her debut and is determined to create a trilogy.

Her mum Simona, who contacted Elena, said: “ Scarlett’s  inspiration came from lots of books ready by her and to her, movies, particularly Maleficent, and her fabulous teachers. It all started with a school project where they had to write a fairtytale.”

Scarlett chose her favourite colour and her favourite animal and the story rolled out from there.

“Since she was very young, Scarlett would often write little jokes, stories or heartwarming messages and little notes for her sister teaching her how to read,” added Simona.

“We are all incredibly proud of Scarlett and look forward to reading her next book,” said Executive Headteacher Julie Hiddleston.

“It is not everyday that a primary school has a published author among its pupils and we hope that other children may be inspired to get creative,” she added

Scarlett's book can be bought from Amazon via this link: ttps://