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Art Attack!!!

We had the pleasure of welcoming Year 4 children from DaVinci class at our Sister School, William Morris today. The spent the day with our Year 1 Johnson Class helping them with a big art project.

As part of our innovative STEAM curriculum, we are doing an end of term Project around the "A" in STEAM - the Arts! We will be pulling together lots of lovely pieces of artwork that the children have been doing both individually, and as a group and hosting our very own art exhibition on Wednesday 3rd April.

Both classes really enjoyed the experience. The Year 1 working with an older cohort of students - being the oldest in the school currently, this is quite a novelty. The Year 4 group working at another school that they haven't visited before, but feel they know as we have lots of staff in common and work so closely together.

We do hope that we will be doing more collaborative projects again in the future!