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Looking forward to 100 days open

Longford Park Primary’s special day
Celebrations will be very much on the timetable when Banbury’s newest primary school is officially opened next week.
Staff, pupils, friends and family at Longford Primary School have been invited to mark the occasion on December 7 when a formal ceremony and celebratory party will be held to mark the event.
The school, a member of the multi-academy GLF Trust, welcomed its first pupils to their new home at the beginning of term in September and December 7 marks 100 days since the opening of Longford Park Primary - a perfect time to celebrate.
Executive head Julie Hiddleston said the first weeks of life at Longford Park had been an exciting time for everyone involved, especially the children.
There are currently two classes one reception and one nursery taking 2-year-olds offering funded places, the first to benefit from the new school’s facilities. The school has the potential to cater for more than 300 pupils over the coming years.
“The first few months have gone very well and it’s a pleasure to have our pupils and our new building. Being involved from the planning stage through to our 100 days party has reinforced the teams’ view that this will be a very special school,” said Ms Hiddleston, who is also the executive head at William Morris School, Bretch Hill.
“We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from parents about the school and fantastic start to learning and education we are providing their children with.
"One of the many recent quotes we have is: Our son recently joined Longford Park School and we can honestly say it has been the best decision we have ever made. The staff are amazing and the resources the children have access to is of the highest standard. The parents are extremely friendly and the children are all well behaved and very caring. The transition into a new school can be very daunting for young children but for our child it has been a relatively easy one due to the amazing people at this brilliant school! We can’t thank the school enough for helping to make this a very pleasant experience.
“Our ethos is that of excellence and our pupils, staff and parents are already so proud of their school. We look forward to sharing their enthusiasm with our guests for the official opening,” said Ms Hiddleston.
Pupils at Longford Park Primary are looking forward to their Christmas concert on Thursday, December 14 and a special Christmas lunch and jumper day in aid of Save the Children the following day.
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