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Brunel (Year 3)

This term:

We are performers this term. 

We are exploring this question across the school:  

‘Can I explore cultures and celebrations from around the world?’  

This term our STEAM focus is the Performing Arts and we will be answering the question ‘Can I explore cultures and celebrations from around the world?’ We will also further develop our Science, DT and Geography skills. We will be learning about different places and cultures, with the children creating an end product in the form of a type of travel guide about a European country focusing on food, music and celebration. Along the way the children will be tasting food from around the world and discovering where the food originated on a map.  They will also get the opportunity to create a pizza from scratch!  This will make for a very exciting end to the school year!

Our PE day is every Thursday.

Curriculum Prioritisation:

Over the rest of this academic year, we will be focusing on core areas of learning to help prepare our children for the next stage of education. Below are the areas that would be beneficial to support your child at home with:

Reading – decoding and blending new words and reading with intonation and expression to express meaning. As well as being able to answer retrieval questions about the text and summarise a text.

Writing – writing correctly punctuated, multi clausal sentences with well-chosen adjectives and adverbs based on the context. As well as practicing letter joins in handwriting. 

Maths – recalling the 2-, 4-, 5-, 8- and 10-times table and the associated division facts. As well as being secure in addition and subtraction methods (i.e. the column method, near doubles, adjusting)

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