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Kahlo (Year 2)


Kahlo Class 

Class teacher: Miss Jull 

Learning Assistants: Mrs Tanner


This term: 


We are artists this term.  

We are exploring this question across the school: Can I create a piece of art based on a period of history?


In Kahlo class this term we will be exploring the Pop Art movement and how art from this period of time depicted popular culture. During the term we will also be learning about our Queen and how she has contributed to British culture. Through our STEAM lessons we will be experimenting how secondary and tertiary colours are made using primary colours and how to use different printing methods to create pieces of art.  


Curriculum Prioritisation: 

Over the rest of this academic year, we will be focusing on core areas of learning to help prepare our children for the next stage of education. Below are the areas that would be beneficial to support your child at home with: 


Reading – applying their phonic knowledge to decode new words through blending. As well as being able to answer who, where, what questions about the text.  


Writing – writing a range of sentences using conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. As well as practicing how to correctly form lower case letters and their relative sizing to each other.  


Maths – being able to fluently recall addition and subtraction facts to 20 and then being able to apply these facts and strategies such as doubles, near doubles to calculations involving numbers to 100.  


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How to support reading at home:  



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