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Johnson (Year 1)

Johnson Class 

Class teacher: Miss Kingston 

Learning Assistants: Mrs Barclay and Mr Champion 


This term: 


We are artists this term.  

We are exploring this question across the school: Can I create a piece of art based on a period of history?


In Johnson class this term we will be exploring how botanists look at the different plants on Earth. We will be looking at how to identify different plants and trees and what is the same and different between them. As a class we will also be exploring the life of Beatrix Potter and how she used her scientific knowledge and skills to draw the plants that were around her. As artists, we will be developing our sketching skills within our sketch books. 


Curriculum Prioritisation: 


Over the rest of this academic year, we will be focusing on core areas of learning to help prepare our children for the next stage of education. Below are the areas that would be beneficial to support your child at home with: 

Reading – applying phonics and skills to decode words and to support your child to respond speedily with the correct sound for all 40+ phonemes.  

Writing – writing a complete sentence with correct punctuation (.!?), as well as correctly forming lower case letters.  

Maths – becoming fluent in addition and subtraction facts within 20.  


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