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Head Teacher's Welcome

Julie Hiddleston

Julile Hiddleston
Executive Headteacher

Welcome to Longford Park Primary School, Banbury’s first brand new Primary School.  I am thrilled at the prospect of a brand new beginning and I know that it will be a very special thing for any child to be a part of the very beginning of the history of a new school. 

We are a GLF school and therefore we are wholly committed to ensuring the highest standard of education and provision for our children.  At Longford Park your child will be part of a newly forming, but strong knit local community and will have access to brand new, state of the art facilities.

Our ethos is that of excellence.  We aspire to achieve excellence in all that we do, in so doing our children are happy, well-rounded and able to enjoy the successes of life.  An important part of excellence leading to success is being able to celebrate it, incentives and rewards are particularly prominent in our approach to education.  Our staff are dedicated and committed to providing an engaging and inclusive curriculum for all our pupils, thus providing all the necessary ingredients to ensure success and progress for everyone.

Pupils at Longford Park are proud of their school and they show this through their enthusiasm and unwavering quest for emotional, social, academic, sporting and artistic success and enjoyment.  We place a large emphasis on developing the creative arts and fostering creative spirits and minds.

Thank you for expressing an interest in Longford Park Primary School and if you are looking for a reception or nursery place for 2018-19 then please contact the office to arrange a visit.

We look forward to welcoming you on your arrival.

Julie Hiddleston
Executive Headteacher
April 2017